Namita seeks her destiny
Mar Pavón / Maria Girón

In many places around the world, girls cannot choose their own destiny. Neither
does Namita. She has to do what is expected of her. She has to do what her
mother says, whatever her grandmother, her father, grandfather and aunt decide.
But when she is being told that she’ll have to marry her cousin, she finally says
NO! And she stands her ground. Books give her the wings she needs to fly …
and find her own destiny.
This is Namita’s story, set in beautiful illustrations.

A touching story about the importance of education, and the importance of being you - a girl!

44 pages

Thema's: eenzaamheid familie identiteit oplossingen zoeken puberteit school vriendschap wonen en verhuizen 

gebonden €14,90
ISBN 978 90 72259 813
Leeftijd: 8 tot 12 jaar

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